Boult Audio


For an innovative brand like Boult, that believes in manufacturing high end consumer products with superior quality, it was vital to launch a campaign that was equally spirited.



Boult Audio wanted to create a trend which was never seen before. However, getting thousands of influencers to perform predominantly outdoor activities while most people were operating from home was a problem that had to be fixed. But Vaeral found a way around and got everyone to participate.


Our Solution:

And that’s when Vaeral conceptualized #GetSetBoult, a unique contest that compels creators to flaunt how they use Boult products in their own, offbeat way to win prizes . In no time, the profile was flooded with high-octane performances right from flips on skateboards to swerves on bicycles.



Boult’s product purchase rate saw a massive hike with over 500 ambassadors and the winners of the aforementioned competition were rewarded with exciting goodies from Boult along with cash prizes.