A community of Bright Young GenZs

shaping the new age for brands.

A community of Bright
Young GenZs shaping
the new age for

What’s in it for Students?

Connect with a Community of Similar Minds :

Vaeral offers a unique avenue to connect and engage with a diverse network of thousands of individuals who share your passions and aspirations. Our platform provides abundant opportunities for students to establish meaningful connections, fostering personal growth within our thriving community.

Collaborate with Prominent Brands:

Join hands with renowned corporations across the nation as you become an integral part of impactful marketing campaigns. Vaeral extends the privilege of participating in the promotional endeavors of prominent companies, adding significant value to your experience.  

Unparalleled Exposure:

At Vaeral, our core objective revolves around facilitating comprehensive exposure for every student across various colleges. We are dedicated to equipping each individual with substantial exposure, thereby fostering their holistic development and growth.

Simultaneously Earn and Learn:

Embark on a journey of continuous learning and financial empowerment. While actively engaging with Vaeral’s vibrant platform, you’ll have the unique opportunity to both enhance your skills and earn alongside, creating a truly symbiotic experience.

Our community comprises of budding trailblazers from the age group of 17-22. These millennials are not only the protagonists of the country’s future tale but also the protagonist of their own artform. They are skillful at a multitude of performing arts such as singing, dancing, theatre, spoken word and a lot more. A large majority of them are sharp business minded innovators who’ve cultivated these talents into their mode of entrepreneurship.

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User Acquisation:

We’ll help your brand receive the boost it needs to start appearing in the public eye more often by fetching application downloads, amassing valuable reviews and driving the required amount of traffic to your website. This is driven by identifying the appropriate cohort and educating them about the brand via our engagement activities.

Campus Ambassadors:​

The convivial youth part of the Vaeral community are trendsetters and popular among all the avenues, societies and fests held by their college. Spread across over 500 different colleges, your ambassadors, once hired will get your brand’s merit out there. They will also create a buzz on social media for the same.

Nano Influencer Marketing:​

These influencers with a sizable audience have helped several brands pre and post their launch. They are a part of innumerable avenues such as fashion, travel, food, beauty, entertainment, entrepreneurship and so much more. Your brand’s message, campaign and uses will be relayed to their users thereby bringing in a whole new audience base.

Contests and Challenges:​

By means of activities that require your audience to engage with the brand, we’ll help you build a community of your own with a loyal set of users. Their participation will amplify your campaigns and reach a larger group of potential users

Brand Building:​

The community will partake in your brand’s development process right from the initial stages and provide feedback, criticism and inputs for its improvement. This proves to be very valuable for brands launching any project as it helps them incorporate and eliminate various aspects of their mission.