Polysports – Maximizing User Engagement and Brand Awareness through Fantasy Sports and Blockchain Integration


Polysports, a cutting-edge fantasy sports app leveraging cryptocurrency, faced the challenge of engaging users and creating awareness about their brand. Particularly, the app struggled to capture the attention of students due to students’ limited knowledge of blockchain technology and how fantasy sports operated within that framework.



To attract the initial wave of users who could interact with the app, we implemented a fantasy leaderboard system where students could engage with real money. We organized IPL T20 League screenings across various campuses, using these events as an opportunity to introduce students to Polysports through campus ambassadors. As they enjoyed the cricket matches, students were encouraged to participate in the app’s fantasy sports gaming feature, offering them enticing rewards.

The intention behind this approach was to establish Polysports as a user-friendly app with blockchain integration. We aimed to create an environment that was both tailored and approachable, allowing this particular group of consumers to feel energized and motivated while using the app. Due to time constraints, we conducted IPL screenings on three campuses, managing to attract a total of 1,200 attendees. Among them, 500 individuals became active players, engaging in at least one game on the app.



  1. The fantasy leaderboard sparked engagement, but real money participation might have deterred risk-averse users or those cautious about gambling’s legal implications.
  2. IPL screenings effectively introduced Polysports, yet limited campus outreach potentially hindered impact by missing a significant audience.
  3. Despite efforts to highlight user-friendly features and blockchain integration, the complexities of blockchain could have limited user comprehension and engagement.
  4. With 1,200 attendees and 500 players, the events garnered interest, but a low conversion rate suggests the need for improved user retention strategies.


In summary, leveraging fantasy sports and blockchain integration has shown potential in enhancing brand awareness and user engagement, but addressing the concerns outlined is essential for sustained success.