StockGro stands as India’s pioneering social investment platform, designed to captivate the young demographic. The commencement of such a cutting-edge platform necessitated a strategic introduction, which we adeptly facilitated.


Engaging the youth demographic during a pandemic posed a considerable challenge for StockGro. Our objective was to establish a robust connection between the platform and the youth, ensuring meaningful engagement despite the adverse circumstances.


Navigating the complexities of the pandemic, we devised and executed a multifaceted strategy. Our foremost step involved comprehensive education outreach, wherein thousands of students were enlightened about the application’s features and utility. This initiative catalyzed a snowball effect, culminating in the active involvement of numerous students in platform development.

We harnessed the power of surveys to capture the precise aspirations and preferences of our target demographic. The insights gleaned from these surveys proved invaluable to the StockGro team, as they gained direct insight into their audience’s desires. With these insights in hand, strategic changes were meticulously integrated, leading to a comprehensive redevelopment and update of the application.


The tangible impact of our efforts manifested notably. Our endeavors resulted in an impressive 16% conversion rate, with a remarkable 11% of this cohort continuing to engage ardently with the app. StockGro’s trajectory continues unabated, fortified by our collaborative contributions. The platform’s sustained success serves as a testament to the effectiveness of the strategies implemented.

In conclusion, our comprehensive approach not only addressed the initial challenge of engaging youth during a pandemic but also transformed StockGro into one of our flagship clients, showcasing the dynamic synergy between innovative strategy and tangible outcomes.