Reliance Securities Limited approached us during the launch of their innovative super app, HeyTorus. Positioned as a financial neo-wellness application, HeyTorus was in its developmental stage and sought actionable feedback to enhance its extensive array of features.


Engaging us to assist in garnering valuable feedback, HeyTorus aimed to optimize its app functionalities. With a comprehensive feature set, the company sought insights that could be directly integrated into the application’s design and functionality.


In response to the challenge, we formulated a strategy that involved collaboration with nearly 20 prominent colleges. Our approach revolved around hosting informative webinars with these institutions. During these sessions, we incentivized participation by offering an attractive prize of INR 10,000 to users who both invested on the platform and achieved the highest percentage growth in a span of seven days.

The underlying strategy behind this initiative was to extract a wealth of feedback for our client. To realize this, we designed and circulated a meticulously crafted Google Form among participating students. The outcome surpassed expectations, with an impressive accumulation of 2000 insightful feedback submissions for HeyTorus within a mere 24 hours.


The competition-driven strategy yielded compelling outcomes. The app’s user base experienced a significant boost, surging to 2500 users. This influx, in turn, catalyzed an extraordinary 1500% surge in user engagement within the app.

Furthermore, the outcome of our feedback collection endeavor was equally remarkable. The submission of 2000 comprehensive feedback forms equipped HeyTorus with diverse insights into the various facets of its app’s functionality.

Through this strategic collaboration, we facilitated the attainment of HeyTorus’s goal of enriching its application through user feedback, thereby fostering enhanced user experiences and overall app performance.