Boult Audio

Introduction: For an innovative brand like Boult, that believes in manufacturing high end consumer products with superior quality, it was vital to launch a campaign that was equally spirited.   Complication: Boult Audio wanted to create a trend which was never seen before. However, getting thousands of influencers to perform predominantly outdoor activities while most […]


Polysports – Maximizing User Engagement and Brand Awareness through Fantasy Sports and Blockchain Integration Objective: Polysports, a cutting-edge fantasy sports app leveraging cryptocurrency, faced the challenge of engaging users and creating awareness about their brand. Particularly, the app struggled to capture the attention of students due to students’ limited knowledge of blockchain technology and how […]


Reliance Securities Limited approached us during the launch of their innovative super app, HeyTorus. Positioned as a financial neo-wellness application, HeyTorus was in its developmental stage and sought actionable feedback to enhance its extensive array of features. Objective: Engaging us to assist in garnering valuable feedback, HeyTorus aimed to optimize its app functionalities. With a […]


StockGro stands as India’s pioneering social investment platform, designed to captivate the young demographic. The commencement of such a cutting-edge platform necessitated a strategic introduction, which we adeptly facilitated. Objective: Engaging the youth demographic during a pandemic posed a considerable challenge for StockGro. Our objective was to establish a robust connection between the platform and […]